Best Almond Milk Mocha in San Diego

If you love coffee like I love coffee, you can relate to having your regular, obsessive  go-to’s, and then when you get bored and tire from the monotonous caffeine kick, like when you get sick of a lover, take it up a notch and try something different.

Back before Cashew Milk and Oat Milk and Man Milk were the rage, Almond Milk was “in” as the main alternative milk.

This is when I discovered Califia Farms; same time as when I discovered Dark Horse Coffee.

It’s not Starbucks. It’s not Dunkin Donuts coffee. Dark Horse was me branching out of my world. It doesn’t seem like I stepped very far, but Dark Horse was my segue into something more, something deeper; self-discovery. Haha. Soul searching.

So today, after my ex-spouse (that was very gender neutral) picked up my daughter because we’re divorced and share time, I went out driving and landed myself at my favorite Dark Horse Coffee location in Golden Hill. And they use Califia Farms Almond Milk.

I got a Large Iced almond Milk Mocha (You can order it as an iced almond mocha, but I insist on feeding into my OCD and ordering it by its full name), and since it was already after 4pm all of the donuts were gone, I added a Cranberry Orange Muffin to the bill.

I coffee-dated myself. Fresh breeze. Delightful bites.
This is what coffee in San Diego is about.
I hope you get to enjoy the same someday.

Live Love & Freedom,


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