Back to Business, Am I Right?

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Here's a pretty sunset taken from the playground as a peace offering for my absence.
*insert prayer hands here*

It's no secret.  I've been gone.  A while.  A very long while.  And you know what?  I'm sorry.

To be honest, I've enjoyed the break, yet I've stressed about it every single day.  I'm serious.  I've worried about not having any new content on my website, on my blog, and spending hours upon half days, all the way up to ALL WAKING HOURS on Instagram without even thinking about new content for this here space.

I do love you.  I mean it.  Do you forgive me for my absence?

Maybe once you find out why, you'll have a little more compassion.

My family, little family of 3, is going through major changes right now, and all of my energy has been focused there.  Personal.  Very, very personal. *hint hint*  And I'm not really opening up with nitty gritty details because I'm protecting my daughter for the Gossip Train.  The worst thing I can imagine for her is that people with talk trash about her parents in front of her, and then how do you think that would make her, or any child, feel?  Hence the sealed lips.  For now.

That's great advice for us all, really.  I mean, think about it.  Kids love their parents.  They don't want to know or think unkind thoughts about them, let alone hear other people butt in their unwanted opinions.  It's detrimental.  It's uncalled for.  It's awful, nanny nanny boo boo so there!

I literally couldn't handle more than what I was already dealing with, managing, and suffering through.

So, *drum roll please*....

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<<I included a picture of Holly G., because kids are cute. Most. Most kids are cute. Some aren't. But this one is. We're mastering the art of layers and layers of filters so we can look decent.>>

I'm Baaaaaaack.  Whether you like it or not.  Hopefully, you DO like it.

I've missed you tremendously.  I missed you so much that I couldn't even revisit my old posts because, like you, I felt like that was ancient history.  Except for Lemon Brownies, of course!

I've got some very exciting things planned for us, which is nice because usually people don't plan anything for one another.  It's a darn tootin' shame.  I'd say the real words, but then I might not get any sponsored posts or advertising opportunities in the future, and for, that's the only source of income for us right now!!

Help a girl out! Haha.

Let's get this adventure started, shall we?

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I'll leave this sweet moment here for you to ponder.

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I'd much appreciate it. K, thanks.  LOVE!! Xoxo.

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Hugging the Koi {which reminds me, I need to explain this to you very soon in a new post!},

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