What I Learned From My Social Media Break

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, how appropriate that my article today is about how I went on a break from social media... cold turkey.

Let me preface by saying that I love social media.  Not for gimmicks or scams, but as a genuine creative outlet.  I'm a stay-at-home mom, whatever that means these days.  I rarely ever stay home.  I'm always driving around, running errands, figuring out the finances, and brainstorming about how to make money on the side of my already jam-packed busy schedule.  I can only imagine how my daughter feels.  She has scheduled activities three days a week, and goes to school for a full day.  Needless to say, we don't have as much time together as we used to, as much as I need, or as much as she requires.

What I Learned From My Social Media Break by BeckyCharms

So I took a break.  I was having a hard day.  I mean, it was rough, because I am everyone else's cheerleader, and I have to be my own.  

But I was feeling down, without any fresh ideas, nor did I have any inspiration, let alone motivation, to do anything out of the absolute necessary.  I'm not even doing the dishes.  I rebel.

After I posted a picture on my social feeds stating that I was taking a break, because I can't dessert my cyber socialites, I probably lasted an hour half hour before I checked Instagram.  And then I saw the first sappy post on Facebook.  I had to "like" it to show my support.  It lets my friends know I'm thinking of them.  Then I altered the rules for my social break, limiting myself to logins, but no posts.  I could check, but I wouldn't post anything, which would be fine because the reason for my break was exhaustion and absence of creativity.

One day.  I lasted one day.

Here's what I learned:

Take a break when you need it.  Take all the time you want.  And when you feel like sharing again, go ahead and do it.  When people laugh at you because you make your declaration yet only last a short time, go ahead and let them.  It's your life, not theirs.

We learn from each other.  I love to share ways to enjoy life, especially the smallest of moments, because they are the big ones.  They are what memories are made of.

Courage & Kindness,


  1. Hello beautiful Becky!

    It's definitely hard! I check social media every morning. Can easily spend 30+ minutes still in bed but need to get ready for work! And same throughout the day or right before bed. "Likes" are addictive! Breaks are good though. Your friends and followers will still be there when you are back. I am pushing myself to engage face to face more often rather than through the screen.

  2. Haha "One day. I lasted one day." That was me the first time I took a break. Now, I've gone an entire 5 days... working my way up to 7. :) Gotta have goals, right?

    I agree with you in that you take a break when you need it - it works for you, not the other way 'round.


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