Second Song / Poem

Song 2 / Poem

 We didn't smile like I thought we should.
We didn't laugh together, hardly ever.
Something was different after 'I do' became 'I don't'.
And the love, what love, that never was and never won't.

Sunsets and comedies never cured a broken heart.
Endless 'I'm sorries' and lies right from the start.
A decade ago and today still the same.
The rules always change to this torturous game.

New beginnings, passé, looking forward to tomorrow.
Driving down the jagged coast of what wasn't, what will follow.
Always knowing that our hearts would split, decease, decrease in size.
The only answer is to flee, go live your dreams, and seek your prize.

 Thank you for reading my lyrics/poetry.
If you're here, you're meant to be, and I hope you were able to connect with my message.

Many blessings.

Courage & Kindness,


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