5 Best Things About Being a Food Blogger

5 Best Things About Being a Food Blogger by BeckyCharms
5 Best Things About Being a Food Blogger by BeckyCharms

Being a food blogger means you get to join in exclusive recipe challenges and get produce boxes and products to taste and review.  This translates to "free food" which is always a bonus for my family and me.  I love to accept these offers as a constant culinary challenge.  You like to write.  You like to eat.  It's always a win.

2. InstaFriends:
 Once you start researching about food bloggers and join a few groups, you are guaranteed to be part of a circle with like-minded folks who eat, sleep, and breathe food and all it has to offer.  Food bloggers love to talk about food.  And eat it.  And dream about it.  And these people are your new insta friends, because before them you thought you were the only one who could identify unique flavors in the dishes you ordered at restaurants, but now you see that you are not alone.  And that's awesome.  I love being a part of my foodie groups.

3. Try the Newest Restaurants:
 Media tastings are exclusive to media and food bloggers.  If that's not a known fact, then consider yourself lucky.  I just gave you an insider tip.  Restaurants like to get the buzz going about grand openings, new menus, reopenings, and things like that, so they hold exclusive tastings to gain exposure and get reviews.  This means that you are in-the-know before everyone else.  That's VIP status.

4. Great Networking:
 So you like to blog about food.  So does your foodie group.  But maybe you have more in common than just food.  By getting together via online hangouts, or meeting in person whether it be at a coffee shop or convention, you will start to build an amazing network of industry professionals with whom you can build your career.  I have discovered so many great causes and organizations by means of food blogging.  It feels so rewarding to cross promote and have the chance to share businesses and organizations that make it their goal and mission to help others.  Hobbies turned careers translate into a life and profession that you will enjoy.  And life should be enjoyable, like food is.

5. Endless Opportunities:
When you love to do something, you do it often.  Food bloggers eat, and talk about eating, and talk about food and flavor, and from there, you never know where that will take you.  Have you ever noticed that by accepting one opportunity, other doors open up?  Do what you love, and ride that wave of culinary bliss.  Food blogging can lead to recipe challenges, contests, personal invites, public appearances, book deals, news spots, endorsements, etc.  Hey, start saying "yes" and you could be the next food star, food photographer, or food designer.

Life is NEVER boring as a food blogger.  

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