To Rise Together We Must Fly Together : A Poem

To rise together
We must fly together

Grab the meat of the earth
And devour forever

Sing of our souls breaking like glass
Forcing the world to accept our class

We pass, we dance, we clap at night
We stare, we glare, we burn the light

This is a chance to pave our road
With sticks and stones we shun the load

Regret no more, accept our fate
By the light of the day we won’t be late

Our time is our time
Not his, nor her, nor why, nor my time

If the birds in the sky can soar and fly
Then why can’t we join hands and try

With one heart, one goal, one mind united
You and I, brother, can’t deny it
The power over life’s despair
The answer will be anywhere.

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