THE Magic Fix For Your Common Wall Hole

Let me preface by saying.. this is definitely a "quick fix".  Any girls out there looking to quickly cover up a  hole from their partner?

This was definitely a major oopsie, but it happens all the time.  Maybe it only happens to ME all the time.  Nevertheless..

Read on to find out the magic fix for your common wall hole::
 My husband probably never would've noticed.. except I thought it was so hilarious that I had to tell him tonight in the car.

I love to laugh.  This will definitely make you laugh.

 Step 1: Hole

Step 2: Scotch Tape

Step 3: Match up piece {if you happen to have it handy}

Step 4: Tape.  Tape the piece, or apply strips of tape to cover the hole.

Extra Step: If you don't have your missing piece of wall, cover with tape and then color the tape with a matching color Sharpie or permanent marker.

Hope you enjoyed my hilarious DIY.

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Courage & Kindness,


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