5 Travel Essentials for Families with Kids : Palm Springs Edition no.1

5 Travel Essentials for Families with Kids : Palm Springs Edition no.1 by BeckyCharms

Traveling with kids can be work.  Parents know that by the time "vacation" is over, we need a vacation from the vacation.

There is a way to make the process much smoother.  The following items are some of our favorites to have on-hand when we road trip to Palm Springs.

5 Travel Essentials for Families with Kids : Palm Springs Edition no.1

1. Car Snacks
Have you ever experienced the "Meltdown"?  AVOID it altogether by having snacks at all times.  I don't know why we stop carrying food once our babies reach toddlerhood, but I know that kids are always hungry, and let's face it, so are we!  I've been known to eat some squeezey pouches of whatever pureed goo is in there, and crunchy puffs and chewy gummies.  Yeah, no shame.  I'm not saying to pump food into your kid even when they're NOT hungry, but when they get the tumbly rumblies, have something on hand to nourish their growing bodies.  Don't forget the water.

*We love to stop by Starbucks {they're every where!} for ice waters.  My daughter feels special that she gets something, and we feel good that she's staying hydrated.  If your child likes ice, give them ice water.  If they prefer room temp, hold the ice.  Sno Cones?  Shave ice?  Without the syrup, it's just frozen water.  DIY ice pops?  There are so many ways for parents to ensure their children get the necessary amount of liquids.

*Ideas: Bananas, grapes, baby carrots, squeeze pouches, gummy snacks, natural lollipops, sugar-free gum {praise Jesus, my daughter is really good about the gum; not swallowing it and throwing it away in the trash}, KIND bars/granola bars, loose granola, raisins, almonds {whole, sliced, pieces}, Justin's almond butter pouches...

2. Wipes
They clean up messes of ALL kinds, in the car, to poolside, to in the hotel room.  Kids are messy.  They spill chocolate milk in your car.  They wipe their hands on their brand new clothes.  They take off their shoes and touch their stinky feet and then try to play with your face. NO.  Stop that.  Wipe your hands.

3. Toys
You probably thought I was going to say books, but no.  I love books.  My daughter loves books.  But I get dizzy and sick in the car from trying to read, so if she wants to bring some, cool.  Otherwise, make sure your kids have their favorite toy/toys that are reasonable in size with which to travel.  My daughter has a stuffed lady dog from Disney's Lady & The Tramp.  It goes everywhere with us.  That's what she likes, especially at nighttime.  DON'T forget the favorite toy.  Bring toys for the hotel room, stories for bedtime.  If you don't want to travel with them, have money to buy some when you're at your destination.  Books from your travel spots can also be great souvenirs.

4. Clothes
Bring layers for hot, warm, cool, and cold weather.  Palm Springs is known for hot weather, poolside lounging, hats, & sunglasses.  But at night, it can get cool..sometimes.  Even if it's warm outside, the hotel room can get cool, if not cold from the air conditioner, so be prepared.

Aside from the weather, I think I mentioned that kids are messy.  Even clean kids are messy, and white clothes shouldn't even exist.  Throw in a sweatshirt or loose long-sleeved shirt to cover stains, spills, etc.

5. Crayola Color Wonder
Markers that ONLY write and color on Color Wonder paper are one of man's greatest inventions!  Forget the melted crayons in the car {sorry, mom}.  Save yourself the stress.  These are the only markers I feel comfortable letting my daughter have while we travel, road trip, or even when we're just driving around town.  She loves them, and so do I.  They offer a multitude of blank paper, coloring books, and decorating pages.  The markers come in different sizes for small to big hands, in a variety of colors to fulfill your children's creative needs.

We go to Palm Springs every year, and these items have made traveling with our daughter so much easier than if we didn't have them.

Share your favorite family travel items in the comments below!

Happy kids, happy travels!

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