The New Year: 2015 The Year of Courage and Kindness

The New Year: 2015 The Year of Courage and Kindness //

"New Year, New You", or so they say.  More accurate is "New Year, Same You", with different ideals, outlooks, or goals.

Resolutions are like rules; they're for breaking.

I have goals instead of resolutions, and the best way to accomplish them is
to write them down, post them everywhere you look, and continue to remind yourself of them so that you won't feel like a failure this year, but rather the winner that you are.

I thought about this year's theme for quite some time.. and since I tend to procrastinate {take this post, for example} when I say "for quite some time", I mean about a week.  I prayed and reflected upon some power words that would be inspirational, motivational, pleasing to God, help accomplish something, possibly even change the world.

2015 is the year of Courage and Kindness.

Courage: My dad has cancer.  Prostate cancer.  He was diagnosed last year in February.  The news shook and rattled our family, but we grabbed hands and wove a new weave of strength and solidarity in order to support my dad, and one another.  We fought hard so that my dad would see how strong he could be, and he accepted the news and challenge to face this with every part of his being.  He vocalized that he would do "whatever it takes".  We reassure him that we are proud of him and are always by his side.

This began with surgery.  Radiation.  Hormone shots.

His numbers were down to zero.  In December they began to rise.  It's now January, he has had a scan, and for the first time I reached out via Twitter to ask for prayers from any one willing.  A moment to stop and pray for my family and his health; that his scan results would be clear.

Results are in.  The cancer has NOT spread to his bones, nor are any masses present.  Praise Jesus and God the Father in Heaven.  I believe, we believe, in the power of prayer and that miracles happen.  Thank you to everyone who saw my tweet and prayed for my family.  It worked, and I pray it continues to work.  You have uplifted our family to God and he has looked down upon us favorably.

This year we will need more courage.  Courage to believe, courage to fight, to conquer, to battle, to share, courage to encourage, courage to continue..

Kindness was in front of my nose the entire time without even knowing.  In our house since the birth of my baby, I have emphasized kindness.  "Is that kind?", "be kind", "show kindness"..

It's one of the easiest ways to quickly put yourself in check, and your kids.  Kindness is something the world needs more of, and kindness helps us to get along.  If we were to get along, then we could accomplish great things.  Kindness would be the start to world peace.  Kindness would be the end to terrorism.  Kindness is the building block of patience.  Kindness is..

I find it easier to show kindness to strangers than to my own family..*ahem*, husband.  I'm working on this.  Kindness can be quiet, and in my case, should be quiet.  Kindness is the unspoken gesture.  Kindness is tolerance, and if I can master that, let go of the uncontrollable, then kindness will prevail and love will grow.

If you aren't in the habit of picking a word or theme for the year, I welcome you to adopt "Courage & Kindness" as your own for this year.  A constant reminder that we are living this life together, united as one, and that we all would benefit from some strengthening support.

I'm so excited to see 2015, and remain optimistic and hopeful about the adventures that await us.

Happy New Year, and many blessings.

The New Year: 2015 The Year of Courage and Kindness //

IF I were to have, goals & dreams.. these might be some:
  • earn a paycheck/the money hustle {it's available..I'm already gifting one lucky viewer the opportunity to snatch up the perfect website!}
  • drink more coffee
  • pray more
  • go out with friends more
  • love more
  • sell more
  • listen more
  • learn more
  • create more
  • comment more
  • update Etsy shop!
  • collaborate with other bloggers/artists
  • create logo
  • shop local more
  • shop small more
  • blog more
  • get more sleep! = get sick less often {starting tomorrow!}
  • back to school/learn a trade {cosmetology/culinary/graphics/nail tech/real estate/design/English/writing/teaching/business admin/marketing/advertising..something?}
  • learn to photoshop/photo editing programs/tools/apps
  • find/define my talents {you can help me with this in the comments}
  • use my Spanish
  • write more
  • travel more
  • take more pictures
  • organize photos
  • read more
  • cook more
  • bake more
  • love more
  • bike more
  • share more
  • reach my Weight Watchers goal..again!  {20 minutes a day/minimum}

Like, Follow, and Share the charm..

Courage & Kindness,


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