Thank you "Update"- Megan's Mom Needs Your Help

I've known Megan forever, pretty much.  We went to the same elementary school and the same high school.  We played the same sports, were on the same teams, and I've followed her life journey since graduating, into her professional career.  I've watched her updates on getting married, and now pleading for help.. not for herself, but selflessly for her mom.
I've said it many times before, that I am so proud of her for being brave and courageously asking for help for her mom.  It's not easy, but once you allow others to know your situation, you allow others the chance to help in ways they didn't know they were able.

Sometimes we need prayers, sometimes we need money, and sometimes we need people to share our story with others to get the word out there.  If you are called to do any or all of these, please and thank you.

Megan's mom gave all of herself to raise and support Megan, and in doing so, "lost" everything she had.  The people that share and give away all that they have in order to help someone else, those are the people I feel blessed to know and call friends.

I found out about Megan's GoFund page in support of her mom just a few days ago, and right away I knew that God would bless them with the financial, emotional, and spiritual help and support necessary for her to get back on her feet and continue with her life.  Anyone willing, God will bless.  He always provides what we need, and I've seen this campaign grow over the past couple days.  I cry tears of joy, and pray for continued love and generosity.

This video is the most recent update, and it's "classic Megan".  She is so full of heart, honesty, and approaches this situation in such a humble manner. 

I ask that you:
  1. Watch her video
  2. Check out the campaign she started for her mom
  3. Share via Stumble, FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ , Blogger, WordPress, etc.
  4. Say a prayer

Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts!!

Like, Follow, and Share the charm.. 

Purpose & Pizzazz, 


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