eHow to: Prepare for Your Child's First Concert in 5 Easy Steps

eHow to: Prepare for Your Child's First Concert in 5 Easy Steps 2014 |

eHow to: Prepare for Your Child's First Concert in 5 Easy Steps

Some time ago I posted on Twitter that once my daughter turned five I would take her to { +The Roxy Theatre West Hollywood} The Roxy to see her first concert.  She's five.  Time to put up.

I started thinking about what we're going to need and have compiled this list
of 5 Easy Steps to get ready for your child's first concert.  I think you will find this list beneficial.  

Any additional suggestions, please comment below.

1. Pick a Band/Group:

When attending a live concert, there isn't any censorship.  Keep this in mind when deciding on which group/band/singer you'd like to take your kid to, and be prepared for unexpected language and actions.  It's better to anticipate, instead of getting caught with your naïve pants down.

2. Protect Their Little Ears:

Children's ears are much more sensitive than our adult ears.  They are virgins to loud music, and need to be protected.  It's great to enjoy live music, but not so great if they go deaf in the process.  Get some kind of ear protection before you go.  This is the most important step, in my opinion.  

You can buy some Hearing Protection Earmuffs.  They sell them online at,, and other specialty sites.  Some even come with cute a cute panda design.

3. Dress In Layers:

Kids can run hot or cold, and so it's best to dress in layers..light layers, since mom and dad will have to hold any layers removed.  

Tank top, long sleeved shirt, puffy vest.  It all depends on where you live.  At the very least, always bring a jacket.  While you're at it, bring a change of clothes in case you don't make it to the bathroom in time; for your kids, too.

Alt: pad up with extra liners and adult diapers so you don't have to worry about finding the restroom.

4. Pack a Snack:

Concerts tend to start in the early evening, aka baby/kid's bedtime.  If your child can't handle themselves well after a certain time, wait until they're older.  You will both be happy you waited.

However, if you have a tiny tot that can stay up without having a meltdown, I recommend you pack a snack for when they get hungry.  It's always helpful to have a bite to eat at all times, especially with kids' metabolisms.  They burn everything up and usually only eat a little at a time.  

Pack a protein bar for yourself, as well.  We don't need any big baby whiners at the show!
5. Prepare to Leave Early:

You've paid for your tickets, you're enjoying the music, and baby love decides to scream and won't stop.  Leave.

Love muffin gets sick and vomits.  Leave.

Baby Sweetums just wants to go to bed and weighs 50 lbs; too heavy for you to hold and rock out.  Leave.

There may or may not be any of these circumstances that arise during your concert night.  The point is to enjoy the concert with your child, and if part of your group isn't enjoying life, it's best to cut your losses and go home for the night.  We don't want you to lose your sanity.. unless the lyrics say "insane in the brain."

Enjoy the music!!

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