Gifts for Mother's Day 2014 Presented by Belle & June

Gifts for Mother's Day 2014 Presented by Belle & June
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This happens every year.  Mother's Day.  It's wonderful now that I'm a mother.  My daughter doesn't even know it's Mother's Day unless I tell her.

It's nice to take a day {even if you take every day} to show {not just tell} your mom or a favorite mom in your life just how much you care for and appreciate them.

Moms do everything.  Really.  They grow babies in their wombs.  They give birth to babies.  They feed babies.  They sing to babies.. by the way, if you weren't quite sure, we all started as babies.. and now we're grown and lots of us are moms ourselves.

Here are some awesome gift sites with deals that I just came across and wanted to share with you!

Mother's Day is coming quick, and like always I'm feeling behind.  Can we say last-minute gifts??

Still looking for something a little extra special?  Here is a roundup of some brilliant and extra creative ideas for Mother's Day on Pinterest!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!

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