Fitsme is the NEW FREE Food App Where Everything Fits You.. and Me  |  Fitsme is the NEW FREE Food App Where Everything Fits You.. and Me
Fitsme fits everybody!
 Food is an essential part of our daily lives.  It nourishes our body, giving us the energy we require to perform, in all aspects of life.

I was recently introduced to an online app called Fitsme.  After visiting their site and reviewing everything, I knew I wanted to sign up!  It's the new food app that will make your meal planning and prepping so much easier.  Let's streamline life together and take all the difficult parts out!
Am I right?

Meal planning can be overwhelming; browsing countless websites, bookmarking, printing, sending recipes to our phones, and so on.  Exhausting!  Not to mention, so time-consuming.

Fitsme is the NEW FREE Food App Where Everything Fits You.. and Me

Fitsme let's you see awesome food photos, and save all from one page.  

Once you sign up you create a profile, and within minutes you can have tailored recipes and meals like no other website can do for you.  None. 

This is amazing!  Imagine family time increased since you don't have to waste time looking through every single cookbook you own.  Save that for fun reading on the weekends.

Let's face it, meal planning is a chore, and nowadays with all the food restrictions that people have, it can be a matter of life or death. Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo, Dairy-Free.. and that's just to name a few. 

Fitsme can take that burden away.  Set up a profile and choose your dietary/food needs!  That's it.  Then browse beautiful meals and dishes, add them to your weekly/monthly meal calendar, and make shopping and cooking fun again!

My lifestyle is that of an active, stay-at-home-super-busy mom of a future kindergartner.  I signed up because I like to switch up my meal plans.  I don't want to get bored with my food, and that never happens with Fitsme.  It never will, because fresh new recipes are constantly added.  
Save your favorites, and discover new ones!  Bingo!

Main meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even desserts are all there.  I love food, and I love to eat, but I don't have all day to sit and stare at the computer.  Sign up, login, set up your profile, and enjoy picking out what you want to make for your meals.  Only eat what you want to.

About Fitsme:
Aww, that's nice.  Thank you, Fitsme!

What if you have picky eaters?  Choose their favorites as a filter and see all the options.

Mac n Cheese?  Hamburgers?  or maybe something like "Paleo"?  Chances are you know someone who is into CrossFit.  My cousin owns a CrossFit gym, and I can't wait for her to read this!  She eats Paleo, in fact her entire family does, and I know that Fitsme will be very useful for her.  Tell your friends and family about it.  Share this article with them so you can sign up together.  It's FREE!  :)

Free is always "the business" in my book.  I LOVE FREE!

Here's a screenshot of a filter search for "paleo", as an example.  |  Fitsme is the NEW FREE Food App Where Everything Fits You.. and Me

I'm only telling you because it's so amazing.  I want you to experience Fitsme for yourselves.
It's still in beta, which means you're going to be VIP for signing up now.  |  Fitsme is the NEW FREE Food App Where Everything Fits You.. and Me

Worldwide, everyone flocks to Pinterest...imagine this is like Pinterest Evolved.. Food to the next level!

This is a food app and lifestyle app all in one.  And it makes life easier.  It's easy to sign-up {FREE}, easy to navigate, easy to use.  Fitsme.  WINNING!  |  Fitsme is the NEW FREE Food App Where Everything Fits You.. and Me

I love the Fitsme logo, don't you?

Here's a bit of info direct from Fitsme Health Inc.:

"Fitsme Health Inc. provides users with the ability to browse recipe and food dishes that are tailored to fit the individuals' dietary preferences. Users are also able to auto-generate meal plans or build meal plans by hand. Our use of persistent preferences and a thumbs up,thumbs down system allows us to learn over time about the each user's cooking and purchasing habits. This, in conjunction with an intricate ingredient relationship database, gives us a competitive advantage in the food tech market. We analyze every ingredient in every recipe and adapt our intuitive Pinterest-like interface to show only dishes that fit your tastes and dietary needs. "

If you..:
- follow a strict diet, such as vegan, paleo, pescatarian, etc
- would like help with meal planning
- eat a specific way to attain a physical goal (body building)
- have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness, such as cancer or diabetes, and need to change eating habits
- have little time to find recipes or to plan meals
- love cooking
- are registered dietitians or nutritionists
- personal trainers

..Then this online app is the perfect fit for your perfect meals!

OK, enough chit chat.
 Sign Up for Fitsme!

Try it!  It's easy to login.. did I mention there's food?

I'm hungry.
What time is dinner?
 I'll be right over.  ;)

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Purpose & Pizzazz,

Disclaimer: I was invited to try and approved to become an affiliate with Fitsme.  By clicking on the provided links, I will receive compensation.  As always, all opinions are my own..and I have a lot of them!  Thank you so much for visiting, sharing, and supporting little ol' me here at


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