WOW It's Wednesday no.1

IT'S Wednesday, and I have a brand new Linky party for you!!

I'm so excited to finally start a Linky party!!  I know that you have been busy with your amazing ideas and fantastic crafts.  I've seen your pins and posts and tweets and instagrams.

So here we go.  We're diving right in here.

Please share with all your friends and social media cool people.  Word of mouth is the best way to share.. that, and ONLINE!  :)
This party is so new and fresh {and a bit impulsive, like me..} that I'm still working on a badge.. but for the meantime, please include a link back to BeckyCharms & Co. {either the home page and/or the linky party}.  I welcome any and ALL tips on how to make this party even more awesome.  Please feel free to comment below.  :)

Thank you for your support, and for sharing.
WOW It's Wednesday no.1

Let's Party!!

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Like, Follow, and Share the charm..

Purpose & Pizzazz,

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  1. Hello again Becky :)

    Thanks for letting me know bout da party!

    I'm trying to get mine started up, would love it if you would include one of yours. We can give each other some love :)

    Gonna go check out the links.

    Thanks for hosting!!

  2. Bobbie - thank you for linking. Please share.. the more the merrier.. You know I ate that bite-sized snack right from my ring! lol. I'll visit your party now!

  3. Hi Becky. My link won't show until after you've approved it. It was a bit confusing to link up since it asks for a permalink in the post before being able to post. You may want to change that to make it easier for people to link up. I usually have a party page and don't always put a permalink to the party on every single post.

  4. Hi Becky! Thank you for stopping by and dropping a comment. Thank you also for inviting us to link up! Happy to be at the party.

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead.


  5. Thanks for the invite and for hosting a great party!!

  6. Thank you Erlene, Tammy, and Mama Moly for linking up and leaving comments!! See you at WOW It's Wednesday no.2!!


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