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Bob Ross and Happy Trees

The wonderful world of the internet has brought me another treasure, yet again.

Via stumbling and browsing all social media platforms, there was a post by one of my FB friends about a video titled Hallelujah by four Norwegians.  Well if that didn't spark an interest...

I ended up on YouTube watching it twice, and then a Bob Ross Happy Trees Remix, when I found a massive load of videos by these same four amazing Norwegian singers.

Kurt Nilsen - Espen Lind - Askil Holm - Alejandro Fuentes  

I cannot get enough!!  I stayed up all night listening to these guys.. sorry, Twitter followers.. but also, you're welcome!  I wish that when I opened my mouth something so beautiful would come out. 
 I have been listening to music all day today.. I could do this all day, every day.  
I'm also experiencing some serious WanderLust.. ugh!!  I've gotta get outta town.. I wish someone would just tell me "Get out of town!"  LoL.  :)

This being Thanksgiving week, I am so happy and thankful for this Bob Ross Happy Trees Remix by KPBS and Kurt Nilsen, Espen Lind, Askil Holm, and Alejandro Fuentes {Chile} from Norway!  

I must wave my Norwegian flag now.. it's in my blood.  VIKINGS UNITE! 
hi{<---- from TinyBaker}
I Believe, I Believe.. HALLELUJAH!!

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Faith & Fruition, 


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