Humans of Everywhere Need Humans of New York in Their Lives

Humans of New York showcases and highlights everyday extraordinary people in New York, each with their own unique story and look, that contribute to the city and its every day beat.

The Facebook and Instagram feed are  so striking that I feel compelled to check every day, multiple times a day.  I've wanted to visit and experience New York my whole life.  It is the backdrop to all my favorite movies, and all my lifelong dreams.

I think this book will help me and anyone else planning a pilgrimage to the Great and Mighty New York City!!

Right now it's on sale.. half price on Amazon.  Click the link to purchase your copy.  I really really really hope someone in my family reads this post and just happens to click and buy it for me.. but usually your own family doesn't read your stuff.  Even though you post it public for all the world to see.  ;)  That's ok, because you're reading! 

With Christmas around the corner, this weekend has the biggest and best shopping deals of the season.  And while it's difficult to think straight with all the egg nog and wassail spilling and splashing about, you can easily order a few copies, because this is a book that many different types of individuals will enjoy.   
Actually I think that HONY {Humans of New York} and PostSecret would be a perfect book pair!

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Faith & Fruition, 
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