Happy Thanksgiving 2013: An Heirloom Turkey Day Poem


This will get us revved up for the Feasting ahead of us.. beginning with Thanksgiving and no signs of stopping 'til after the New Year!!  I LOVE the Holidays!!!


 Happy Thanksgiving 2013: An Heirloom Turkey Day Poem

Happy Thanksgiving
with turkey gobbles and giblets

Piled high mashed potatoes
with warm buttermilk biscuits

Drizzly melted butter
atop everything you can imagine

Green bean casserole, cranberry salad
with orangey zest leaves you joyridden

Stuffing deserving its very own zip code

Playlists for workouts are streaming to download

Then after the feast
we'll collapse with a fury

But before you can leave
the pie's cut in a hurry

I can't, No, I shouldn't
just one little bite

with sweet billowy clouds
of whipped decadent white

Elastic and mumus are stylish this day

And here on this couch 'til tomorrow I'll lay

Thank you, Thanksgiving
for turkey and fixin's

I love you, I'm sleepy
I'll see you at Christmas!

Gobble, Gobble...

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Faith & Fruition,


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