First and Last Letter to Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego Asking for Help

I wrote a letter to the Mayor right before he was about to end his term, but I didn't realize that until I sent the letter.  Here it is.  FYI, I never received a response nor a reply.  Thanks, San Diego.  I feel the love.

I believe in the words I sent, and I believe in the residents of my community.  I think we need to have city-wide block parties, and take days off to celebrate life with one another.  Boost morale and show your people love and support.  Don't scrooge one another.  Get out there and Bob Cratchit yourself.

Hopefully our new mayor of San Diego will make more of a positive impact during his time in office.  Don't Filthner your reputation. 

"Hello Mayor Sanders and Associates/Staff,

I live on --------- in Paradise Hills {92139} which is a rather busy street.  There is no line dividing the traffic, and when traveling north or south, there is a major blind spot when coming up over or going down the hill.  This makes driving this road very dangerous, and puts our family in danger every day when we travel to and from our home. Please paint a separation line for traffic, and install reflectors for at night. 

There are not enough street lights, and our neighborhood gets a lot of graffiti, which means the hoodlums are out and about, but if no one can see them, they're pretty safe and worry-free as they tag up our houses, fences, and other personal property. We should feel safe in our neighborhood, and feel comfortable to take walks around the block; to get outside for some fresh air.  But all we want to do is stay inside for fear of who or what is lingering about in the shadows.  We need a safer neighborhood, and I truly believe that this would be the start of cleaning it up. 

This neighborhood needs inspiration, and hope.. something to believe in; to feel and believe that its residents have not been forgotten {which by the looks of the website on the SD Reader, all that is mentioned is crime.}  The cars speed through this street so fast that it is very unsafe to even be outside.  We NEED street bumps/humps to SLOW DOWN TRAFFIC!  There are some very irresponsible and ignorant drivers, that perhaps neither worry about nor take into account other people and their families and how their driving affects them/us.  We mind our own business in our house, but the fast driving bothers us.  It scares us, for the sake of our family and friends.  We shouldn't have to live this way.  We refuse to live this way. 

As law-abiding citizens and tax-payers, I am confident that you will read, hear, understand, and take action as a result of my requests by making these needs understood.  After hearing the cries of the people, it is your duty to make a difference.  Please don't ignore us.  "Mayor Sanders will devote much of his time and energy to several key areas that are important to San Diego’s quality of life."  Please help us.

Sincerely and best wishes,
Becky Gomez

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