Dummberry as the Morbid Couple from The Nightmare Before Christmas

So because I know you stay up-to-date with my Instagram account, and see all my photos there and everywhere else I share them right now {Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flikr, and Instacanvas}, you've already seen Dummberry as pumpkins, acorns, and a turkey.  You haven't?  No worries, if you follow now you're guaranteed a viewing.  But, you have to follow RIGHT NOW!  Don't wait another second.  Just open up another tab on your browser and then toggle back to this one.  I'll be here.  Go.  Go ahead.  I said I'll be here..

.. Ok, great.  Thanks for the follow!

Now, for the Grand REVEAL.. it's even more impressive than Ty Pennington's "Move that bus!" line.. He was made for TV.

Dummberry as... {snail roll, please}

Jack SNAILington!!

Dummberry as Jack SNAILington from The Nightmare Before Christmas - BeckyCharms & Co.

and his main girl..


Dummberry as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Dummberry as Jack Snailington and Sally - BeckyCharms & Co.

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Love from San Diego.

Faith & Fruition,


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