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Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes.  City, Travel, Food, Art, Workout, Writing, Street, San Diego, Urban, Underground.. that pretty much sums it up.. with a few selfies.  My photos appeal to all countries, all nations, all societies, all personalities.  They apply to all.  Shout out to my hometown, San Diego!!, and all the places I've been and all the places to which I want to travel.

Hello Los Angeles, New York, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Sweden, Norway, South America, Japan, namely Tokyo, Portland, and you know.. everyone else!  

#tenaciousathlete #beckycharms #city #art #sandiego #igerssandiego {most of my hashtags}

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2013 is the year of Faith & Fruition

I photograph what I like, and I love to share.  Please forward to your friends, family, contacts, Linkedin associates, Bark in the Park peeps, caffeinated souls, and everyone at Taco Bell. 

Free e-hugs. >--O--<

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Faith & Fruition,


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