A Handful of Tequila Haikus

While browsing Facebook this morning I saw a contest for a tequila haiku, so I stopped to write a few and now I can't find the darn contest.

Instead of letting them go to waste I wanted to share my poetic splendor with you and the couple of haikus I managed to write, following the 5-7-5 syllabic form.


Distilled agave
smoothly gliding down your throat
tingle on the tongue


Toma chingado
el amor y lágrimas
hasta el final


Distilled agave
silver gold reposado
añejo - complex


A qué sabe güey
la pura tequilita
desde el maguey


La vida loca
sexo pudor lágrimas
tequila is love

All original writing by me, Becky Gomez.

If you happen to know of the contest, please send me the link...'cuz ain't nothin' worse than a wasted haiku.

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Faith & Fruition,


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