Everyone's Asleep and I'm Still Up This is Nuts

Why on Earth, or Mars for that matter, would anyone be awake at 2:23am?  I don't know.  But I am.  Not only am I exhausted, tired beyond belief, but today is a run day, and my eyes are already twitching.  My in-laws have been in the states since the 28th of July, and are headed home in 2 days which has caused me to stay up entertaining.  Yawn.  Sigh.  This cycle must die.  It's the only thing I wish death upon, yet vainfully enjoy sleeping in because of their company.  That won't be possible once they leave.  Sleeping in is a fantasy for parents of small children.  My early mornings will return, filled with "I'm hungry" and "MOM, can I play on the iPad?".  I won't lie.  Sometimes I cry of laughter, and other times I whine with pain.  It drives me insane.  My life will return to normal, which is why I'm enjoying today.  Sleepy.  Of course.  With the stubbornness of a horse, I will not go to bed yet.  I will not.  I will no..  I will n... Zzzzzzzzzz...

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Faith & Fruition,

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