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Living the SoCal Hammocking Lifestlye by BeckyCharms 2013
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I never knew what the big to-do was about hammocks..until we got one!  Mr. Google has wanted one our entire existence together, and he was finally surprised with one by my parents for Father's Day this year {2013}.  Then it sat in the box for about a week when I nudged him {man translation: nag} to open it.

I love this hammock's portability factor.  I can drag it over into the yard and stare off into the sky, watch the clouds or the stars depending on the time of day, and lull off into a peaceful state of being.

My parents bought this hammock at Costco.  Just saying.  {not a sponsored post..just a fan of and shopper at Costco}

Happy Summer, from your friend in San Diego!!  Come visit us in California..

{P.S. do you like the photo?}

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Faith & Fruition,


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