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"My first Rescue Pup.. My world is better for knowing you, my little Bella Bella Bellísima. Tonight is your first night in your forever home. I'll miss you, however, I know that you will live a lovely life. xoxo ❤❤❤" July 21, 2013

It's not easy saving a life.  It sounds heroic, amazing, and then you go on about your business.  But it doesn't happen that way.  You meet someone.  Your love grows.  You experience something new, in a way that changes your life.  Your perspective broadens, and you reach a new level of enlightenment.  

I went to rescue Bella from going to the pound.  That in itself MADE me, DROVE me, MOTIVATED me to take her home.  I wasn't sure I was ready for a dog/puppy, but would take on the responsibility if that's what I had to do.  Knowing that she would have gone to the pound, a perfectly good dog.. I had to get her!

I took her to Petsmart, bought a collar, harness, 2 leashes, a clicker for training, and a few different treats.  The basics.  She came with a half empty bag of Puppy food from Costco and a dirty old collar with a little girl's pink jump rope tied to it.  She was loaded with fleas, bites, scratch patches, but was the kindest, gentlest, most loving pup ever. 

After two washings, two brushings, some food and water, booster shots, a flea pill, and some much needed rest, she was as vibrant as ever.  Her fur was fluffy, her smile as wide as the sky, she wasn't as tortured by the itching and scratching, and was ever-so-sweet.  

She came to our home and was with us for 3 nights.  She slept by my side for the first two nights, and then the last night she slept in the kitchen on the floor.  I wish she would've slept by my side for that last night, but even I didn't know it would be her last with me.  With us.  My daughter was loving her more and more everyday.  My husband was tired, but was preparing himself to keep her if the family we were meeting didn't reach our expectations.  We agreed that if it didn't feel right, we'd take her home and she'd be ours.  We would just make it work.  {despite us leaving in a week for a week long vacation, despite my father being in the hospital, despite us "YOLO"ing our life away with expenses.  Sometimes you just have to charge it. Fact.}  Bella found her forever home, and her new pack leader knows that if he ever changes his mind or she doesn't work out in their home, that he needs to call me and we will gladly and happily take her without hesitation, no questions asked.  

For this girl I was willing to put my dreams of airplane travel on hold.  For this girl I was going to change all vacation plans to stay home with her.  For this girl I was going to spend my time training, loving, and providing a consistent and stable environment.  She IS worth it. 

We took her to meet her potential new owners of her forever home yesterday.  They turned out to be much more amazing than we had anticipated.  I mean, we hoped for "great", but this family just kicked it up about 200 notches.  

They first mentioned how they would go down and get her some pet insurance, and how that would also cover the cost of her getting spayed.  They have a big pool that their golden loves to swim in, which meant that they weren't afraid of a little dog hair.  Goldens. Shed. A Lot. A Lot. I said. A Lot. 

Their dog {a 10 year old Golden} was climbing all over the couch, allowed everywhere in the house, there were tennis balls all over the floor.  Bella was going to be treated with such love and adoration.  They thought she was lovely, and she warmed up to them without blinking an eye.  Can dogs do that? Intentionally?  

I was searching for something wrong with them, just so I could take her home.  Nothing.  They were the perfect family for her.  I'm glad God put her in my life, even for such a short while, and that I was able to make the match.  

I felt comfortable leaving her at their house knowing that she would have another dog's companionship and 5-8 grandkids to play with.  I left her there knowing that she will receive top-notch care, especially for her skin.  But was it hard?  Was it hard closing the door and walking away?  More than ever.  Was it hard to drive away and leave my little golden girl in the hands of a stranger before I knew that she was all healed?  So hard.  And so sad.  And I cried.  I cried because I wouldn't get to hold her anymore. And I cried that I had to rescue her in the first place.  And I cried that I would miss her so much.  Selfish tears.  Then I cried tears of joy, because I knew when we arrived that it was the right place for her to be.       

So anyway, to you, my little Bella Bella Bellísima: I love you with all my heart.  I look forward to photos and Christmas cards.  Bark if you need me.  I will ALWAYS be here for you.  Go live a lovely life.

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Faith & Fruition,


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