In West Philadelphia Born and Raised I Lived Never but I Sing the Song

{To the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air TV theme song..}
[original lyrics by BeckyCharms]

In West Philadelphia, Mourned and Hazed
On the blacktop is where I soaked in most of my rays
Pilling out, Jack'd in, Relaxing with drool
Shooting up while the cool kids played outside the school

When a couple of flies they were buzzing my dude
Made him get so mad and a' super rude

I looked in one little eye and my dog's teeth bared
He growled and immediately I thought I better bounce, I'm scared.


Thanks for the fresh beats and lyrical magic from which to be inspired.  You' so fresh, Fresh Prince of Bel Air{Will Smith}.

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Faith & Fruition,


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