Happy Birthday Mister I Believe You're Turning Forty

I want to throw/host the best birthday party my husband has ever had! Mr. Google turns the big 4-0 this year {August}.. 4 decades of life experience, and I'm looking into an amazing venue in San Diego on the strictest humble teacher's salary ever! He works for Cajon Valley, he's a Special Ed. teacher and works with at-risk kids.. he's a pioneer in his district for introducing and implementing technology in the classroom, he was the first in his district to discover the CUE conference, he looks up to Sir Ken Robinson, and is passionate about his career and calling. He has overcome the most obstacles in life, yet continues to pursue his dreams. I've never thrown him a party. This must be the year. Who will help me, San Diego? How much to rent San Diego Public Market or something similar? Maybe a coffee shop, or something.. if you have any info/leads, please pass them along to me! #gratitude #appreciation #partytime I really want to "WOW" him.. he's not easily "WOW"ed.

Please message me/comment with any ideas, suggestions, helpful information!

I will happily accept donations, rental space free of charge, party decorations, etc.  You get the idea.  

Let's plan this party.. together!  I have tons of ideas, but they all depend on the party space.. Am I right, or am I right? 

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Faith & Fruition,


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