The Paradigm of Hiding One's Self: Introspection within Extrospection

Do you assume I'm trying to hide if I don't show my face all the time?  Is my face for you?  Was it created for your enjoyment?  An expression on our faces shows others a teeny tiny bit of what and how we might be feeling on the inside.  If our faces were created for us, then wouldn't we be able to see them all the time?  Instead our eyes are positioned inside our sockets on our face for others to see.  And for those individuals that are physically blind?  They neither get to see their own face, nor anyone else's.  But others get to see their face.  Is that fair?  We all know that life's not fair, however, to imagine ourselves hiding our faces because we don't want others to see, is that selfish?  It is our self, our own face, yet selfish to hide a part of our self for the sake of protecting our self from some one else.  We hide ourselves in many ways.  We hide emotionally, we hide behind nervous laughter, we hide in our houses, we hide behind masks.  It is my face yet I cannot see it, so I will hide it so you can't either; a self-centered approach to one's self.  Is it ours to hide?  It is on my body yet only you can see it yet I hide it.  Is it okay for you to take it?  Is it okay for you to force me to give it to you?  You trying to force me to show you my face when neither I can see it yet only you can but I am hiding it from you, am I punishing you?  Am I holding my face as collateral because of a grudge?  Would it be in my own interest to keep my face from you because I am angry at you and don't feel like you deserve to see it?  If I am to love all and others as myself, yet I hide my own face, should I hide your face too?  Should I shield your face from me as I approach you with my own hidden face so that I may treat you as I treat myself?  And if I am ashamed of my face, ashamed of my self, should I be ashamed of you as well if I am to treat you as I treat myself?  Would this paradigm of self love vs. self hate continue so long as I hide my face?  Then if we all hide our faces, would I feel a lack of love from you, even though I would know that you are treating me as you treat yourself, by hiding your face and hiding mine?  If I hide my face and hide within my home, I would expect you to do the same for that is how I treat myself and that is how I would treat you.  Yet should you decide to show your face, is that a direct aim at me because I still hide my face and expect you to hide yours, yet you've decided to show yours?  Will you force me to show mine?  Will I take it personal that you changed your mind and I haven't?  I still hide my face, for my own self's sake, yet I am to love you as much as I love myself.  Do I love myself?  Why am I hiding my face?  Why am I hiding my face if I can't even see it?  Why do you let me hide yours just because I hide mine?  Is it mutual respect?  Is it fear?  Are you hiding from something?  Are you hiding from me?  Are you hiding because of me?  Am I hiding from you?

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