Easter Sunday 2013 and Jesus Is Risen Indeed!

The point of Easter: Jesus rises from the dead after dying on the cross, battling Satan in Hell, winning {because he ALWAYS triumphs.. ALWAYS}, and we are forgiven.

Here are some catchy song lyrics to the tune of "Michael Finnegan" that I just made up.. really, just now.  {-smile-}  I hope you enjoy!

"Satan Sin-Again" by Becky Gomez 3-31-2013
{To the tune of "Michael Finnegan/Finnigan" example of video here

There was an old man named “Satan Sin-again”

He said go and kick his shin-again

He fell from Heaven into the pit again

Boo Hoo Satan Sin-again

I win again..

Satan’s verse, worse than the curse..

{to repeat over and over and over again until you just can't stand it!}
Happy Easter, everyone!

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