Dummberry as a Ladybug Just in Time for Spring

Dummberry as a Ladybug Just in Time for Springtime, 2013, dummberry, beckycharms, San Diego, art, arte, design, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, Spring, sketch, drawing, colors, snail, ladybug

TinyBaker and I were out in the backyard looking around right after Mr. Google mowed the lawn the other day, and to our surprise, we saw two ladybugs.. {or, ladybird beetles}

But what we didn't know was the dummberry must have followed us too!  Because the very next day we saw him snailing about, sporting his newest disguise.  Dummberry as a ladybug!  He looks fabulous in red and spots, don't you agree?

Dummberry in Disguise is at it again, with some fresh looks for Spring. .. .. . . . .. . .. .. . . .

Do you know anyone who loves ladybugs?  Why not send them this picture and brighten their new springtime day?!  They'll thank you for it.  

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To read more about dummberry the snail, please visit his About.Me page http://about.me/dummberry.

Faith & Fruition,

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