Disney Oz The Great and Powerful : Movie Review

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I was stooooooooked to open my email and see that I had another opportunity to view a prescreening of a BIG movie!  Any movie, really.  I love it.  I love seeing movies, and after my daughter was born I felt like I'd never make it back to the theater, but baby I'm back, and it definitely feels better than ever!

I just realized, like just now, this moment, that what differs from regular screenings and prescreenings is that the audience isn't talking.  Everyone is silent!  It's the most ideal way to see a movie.  It was very agitating to go to my first movie after such a long break only to have all of my movie neighbors TALKING and shining their phone lights in my face from all the twexting and tweetmails.  Really.  Really.  No, really.  Do you know what I'm talking about?

So, a HUGE thanks to +World Market San Diego and AMC Theaters for hosting this awesome event and sharing tickets with Explorer Members!!  An extra added unexpected BONUS: we each received a $10 gift card for AMC upon entering!!

I took my mom with me to see Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful.  We shared a special night together; girl time.  I'm not super mushy about "girl time", but my mom has been my best friend since before I was born, and I treasure every moment with her.

There was also a very sweet couple {of young folks} who were next to us in line and then next to us in the theater.  While they went to buy popcorn and snacks and we saved their seats, they brought us back a small box with which they poured some of their popcorn into it to share with us.  They shared their popcorn with us.  So sweet!  So after the movie was over, I was so happy and fortunate that I was able to share with them an extra gift certificate that I had received from Dining Out San Diego {visit Dining Out San Diego} for $25 to Bully's East Restaurant in Mission Valley!  Thanks for the kindness.  So glad I was able to reciprocate.  It feels great to be kind and share.  Go and enjoy!  

OK, so as far as the movie review goes, I say "go".  Go see this movie.  It comes out tomorrow in a theater near you.

It's a cinematic splendor of visual excitement and adventure.  When the wizard reaches the Emerald City, you'll experience color intoxication.  Bursts of rainbow and waterfalls of thrilling free falls!

We stayed through the entire credits.. but the "Reserved" seating guests did NOT!  What?  The "Movie Buffs" as I overheard them call themselves get invited to the movie and receive preferential seating, yet don't find, can't find the respect to honor the actual movie-makers?  I say "Uncool".  But hey, that's just me.  I've only been watching movies for like, ever.  {-smile-}

I loved the burst into Technicolor {even more than in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland} and the porcelain doll in China Town.  Very cute and clever.  My mom says "the wicked witch was a very attractive girl".  You hear that, Mila Kunis?

Are there moments of predictability?  Sure.  Are there moments of surprise?  Yes!  Great job, cast and crew.  Will you be Oz-notized?

Check out this awesome video that fits the Oz theme by Chris Commisso::

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