Daddy, Please Don't Leave Me: Poem

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This is the perfect poem and the perfect words for a loving father-daughter relationship.  Whatever your circumstances are, life is never as long as we think it will be.  I love my dad, and hopefully this will inspire you to share your words of love with your favorite father.  We never do have enough time with our parents, and it seems the days are shortened every morning that we wake up.  Make great use of your time together; laugh with loved ones, smile, share memories, take photos, reminisce about the olden days.  Just love.  My parents are everything to my daughter that I never experienced in grandparents.  I love you both.. mom you're my favorite, and dad, you are my favorite.. dad!!  I love you.  Always.  Forever. 

Here is the Text version of this poem::

Daddy, Please Don’t Leave Me

I’ve waited years to know you
Where’s “JON”, you know, at work.
On Christmas Eve and New Year’s
My mom would sadly smirk

My dad gets home at midnight
I’d tell my friends at school
You carried me to bed
After working with your tools

We re-met in High School
Driving me to school and games
You were my biggest cheer team
Right then I knew your name

In college we connected
With heart to hearts at night
You asked me how my days were
I shared my hopes and fright

You walked me down the aisle
Who gives this girl away?
I held your arm so tightly
When you kissed my cheek that day

One night I had a baby
You and mom drove down to see
You sat there in the hospital
I remember you smiled** at me

I’m sorry for refusing
To give you giant hugs
I’d trade those days of drama
For coffee shops and mugs

So here we are together
Our special family tree
We’ll fight this thing together
Please daddy, don’t leave me.

**can be subbed with "smiling"

I love you dad, the most.. you know, for my dad! 
Your one and only daughter, Becky.

I hope I'm every bit of joy to you that you are to me.  I can't thank you enough for the life that you spent every working moment trying to give me.  I'm glad we have our time together.  

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Faith & Fruition,


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