Rainbow Pantone Pointillism Not From Seurat Debut by BeckyCharms 2013 Original Artwork

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Rainbow +Pantone Pointillism Not From Seurat Debut by BeckyCharms 2013 Original artwork

The only Art class that I ever really had was Art 100 at San Diego Mesa College, and that was a long time ago, so to remember a term such as "Pointillism" is nothing short of a miracle.  Thanks, heavenly memory. {I'm still debating what my next educational path will be.. I'd love to take some more art classes.. I think.  Every one I've ever began always ended up in teacher to student criticism..}  Seriously, teachers can be so judgy. 

This piece was created with +Sharpie  markers, inspired by Pantone in the Pointillism style.  It just made sense.  My daughter LOVES to make dots with her markers.  I used to also, so why wouldn't I now?  Guess what?  I still love to make dots with MY markers too!  Try it.  My guess is you'll have fun.  But try your own design. {-smile-}

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