Lost Dog Cleveland in Zip 92139 San Diego

Lost Dog Cleveland in Zip 92139 San Diego, 2013, dog, San Diego, zip 92139, Paradise Hills, pets, lost and found

"my dog got out sometime today between 4-10, his name is cleveland but he doesnt have his collar on, or a chip. please help. he is an australian shepard with one brown eye and one blue eye. i will post pictures as soon as i can. my phone number is 619 761 1272
i will come right away, please please. he is a red merle.
CALL AT ANY HOUR I DO NOT CARE. I just want him home.
please, i love him so much.

i live near the library off of reo dr and rancho hills drive

he is very nice. very sweet. a cry baby and he eats anything in site! so if you let him in your house put your garbage cans up!!
the photo of him with long hair is how he looks now
thank you
  • Location: paradise hills" #zip92139

Call 619-761-1272 if you have any information.

Faith & Fruition,


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