Dummberry in Disguise Am I Not Turtley Enough For You?

Dummberry in Disguise Don't Crack the Shell, beckycharms, dummberry, snail, cartoon, drawing, illustration, sharpie, cute, kawaii, humor, creative, 2013, san diego 

Look who I found today!  He was inching his way around the house when I nearly fell and cracked my head.. and his shell!  Dummberry is disguise.. as a turtle.  He's looking at his own shell, almost in disbelief.  Silly, dummberry.  You CRACK me up! .. . . .. .. . .. .. . . .. .  ha!  What a cutie. . .. . .. .. . .. . .

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To read more about dummberry the snail, please visit his About.Me page http://about.me/dummberry.

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