Dummberry as a Homemade Handcrafted Etsy Creation

Dummberry as a Homemade Handcrafted Etsy Creation by BeckyCharms 2013, 2013, dummberry, beckycharms, snail, Etsy, art, arte, artist, artwork, cartoon, life, lifestyle, San Diego, New York, sketch,

One of my favorite parts about sketching this little guy is that it's a quick sketch.  It doesn't take all day.  Could I perfect the lines and redraw little dummberry 100 times?  Yes.  But that's not my favorite kind of art.  I love drawing him because it doesn't take long, and he comes to life so quickly.  

It looks like dummberry represents one of his favorite companies/brands here, taking on the look of the "E" from +Etsy .  He's a lover and fan of handcrafted and homemade goods and supplies.  Me too!  Dummberry, I love your style.  Stay #HandiCrafty, Etsy/dummberry!

These dummberry drawings are currently created with one of my favorite markers of choice, +Sharpie !!  Check out some fun sets, only sold here on BeckyCharms & Co.'s Etsy Shop!

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Faith & Fruition,


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