InSTEALgram.. I'm Just Saying, That's What I Heard

InSTEALgram  Insta Photo App Changes terms and possibly their name, photography, photos, instagram, instacanvas, beckycharms, san diego, 2013

I heard they were changing their name to InSTEALgram.. InSTEALgram.. I'm Just Saying, That's What I Heard.. Do you use Instagram?  I thought it was super cool and easily integrated and shareable amongst apps and platforms.. until they changed their terms.. technically and legally speaking, they're not stealing because they force you to agree that they are free to take, edit, crop, and change {among other things} your photos.. at any time, any place, as many times as they want..


What are your thoughts and feelings about the new terms and policy?  Do you still use the Instagram app?

Read the Instagram Legal Terms

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