Good Boy Dummberry Woof Woof

Good Boy Dummberry Woof Woof,2013, dummberry, beckycharms, art, arte, cartoon, illustration, comic, kawaii, Japan, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, lifestyle, style, design, graphic design, graphics, Sharpie,

Good Boy, Dummberry!  Dummberry has been spotted as Pluto {Disney}.. I bet Mickey's looking for him.  Rascal. 

+Sharpie art.. it's so fun!

I'm not worried about it being perfect, or the lines not matching up.  I can always take the time to redraw it.. the fun part about these is their impromptu nature and spontaneity.  I don't overthink it.  This means you don't have to either, if you like to create.  Just do what makes you happy.  Wayne White says it's creating beauty.. create your beauty!

Faith & Fruition,


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