Day 8 of 25 Days of Christmas with BeckyCharms 2012

Day 8 of 25 Days of Christmas with BeckyCharms 2012

Day 8: Advent Calendar {foil-wrapped Santa chocolate candy AND a note for a package!  My baby picked a bag with this adorable cupcake ornament inside!}  Thank you, Godmother!

Christmas Movie: Arthur Christmas

Last night Mr. Google and I went out for Date Night {post coming soon!}.  We got home pretty late, so I'm not sure what we're up to today.  I received an invite to go caroling.. Christmas Caroling, like in Scrooge.. but it's tonight, and I'm not sure if I can make it.  

I also wanted to take Tiny Baker to Horton Square to see the ice skaters.  It's family day, and they're going to have cookies and some cartoon characters to meet.  Everyone from South Bay will be there, I'm sure.  

*yawn*  I still need to write my Christmas Cards.. .. .. I'll start with the cards and see where the day goes from there..

Have you gone Christmas Caroling this year?  Ever?  Know someone who has?  

I'm not trying to get a contract, but I do like to sing.  I usually learn all the lyrics to songs.. I don't know what that means, but it's true.  What kind of talent is that?

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