Day 7 of 25 Days of Christmas with BeckyCharms 2012

This picture is from TinyBaker's 1st Random Act of Kindness

Day 7 of 25 Days of Christmas with BeckyCharms 2012

Day 7: Advent Calendar {mini pack of sixlets candies}

Christmas Movie: Home Alone {I watched that one alone while TinyBaker played in the's definitely still inappropriate..} and then we watched Madagascar together.

Today was a relaxing day; housework, playing, laundry, movies.. it wasn't til later in the day that I started tweeting and texting and blogging, oh my!

Dinner's cooking; jasmine rice, whole roasted organic carrots, and.. fudge?  I made fudge, but that's not what we're having for dinner.  TinyBaker and I could eat fruit for a side dish.. I realize there isn't any protein with this meal, but that's what we feel like eating.  I'll get Mr. Google some kind of meaty something while we're out.  Tonight is DATE NIGHT!!

It's rare, but necessary.  I hope it will happen more often.  We are going out!

Shhh, don't tell, but I'm trying to make it to December Nights.. If we can't find parking, at least we'll drive by and see all the people and get a glimpse of the lights.  Then maybe we'll go to the movies.  It is our favorite past time.  It's what we used to do ALL THE TIME, before we started our own family.

Hopefully this will be the start of many more fun nights out!  Thanks Bubbe, for coming over!  What's that?  Does TinyBaker know that Bubbe's coming over?  Heeeeeck no!  If she did, she'd NEVER go to sleep.  {I'm the mother of THAT child.. the one that NEVER naps, nor falls asleep on her own...unless it's SUPER late coming home from Disneyland, or at bedtime in her own home.}  I love her..

I really really hope to have some pics to post tomorrow of December Nights in Balboa Park.. if you don't know about it, it's going on RIGHT NOW, from 5pm-10pm.. It's a family-friendly event, with lights, and food, and .. many of the museums are open free of charge until 9pm.  TAKE YOUR CAMERA!..and bundle up.  This is a perfect opportunity to pretend it's Winter in San Diego.  It does get chilly.

There are shuttles to and from.. here's the link:

If you miss it tonight, it's happening again tomorrow!

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