Day 16 of 25 Days of Christmas with BeckyCharms 2012

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Day 16 of 25 Days of Christmas with BeckyCharms 2012

Day 16: Advent Calendar {mini purple stocking ornament, like this one of a different color.}

Christmas Movie: ummm.. Peter Pan? {-smile-} and for the hubs and me, New In Town.

Today, my little girl, bless her heart, woke up at the crack of dawn.  *Sheesh*  This mama is always tired, but even more when my daughter wakes up before 7.  {With the recent news events, Yes, I am thankful that I have her here with me, that she even woke up.  I am thankful every day, don't worry.}

We went to church at Concordia in Eastlake {we're not members.. yet}, then took a little tour around the area via car, then went to Sprouts/Henry's, then home.  We did a little relaxing, I took some DayQuil, hung out on the couch, then went to Starbucks for the last day of the Buy One Get One Holiday Drink for FREE! 

  • Starbucks Discovery::  Peppermint White Mocha {though, White Peppermint Mocha sounds better.. what's it called anyway?}

I have NO idea why I didn't even think to order this before, but I didn't.  The Barista was naming the drinks and then mentioned it, and my dad and I looked at each other.. "Ah HA!". 

  • Results::  WINNER.  I loved it.  I've been ordering regular Peppermint Mochas this entire wintry coffee season, and now I have a new drink to add to the roster.  Gracias, mundo!  That wasn't his name.  I don't know his name.  I wished the Baristas wore name tags.  It would help me show gratitude where gratitude is due. 

Tomorrow we are going.. to.. The Magic Kingdom!  Disneyland!  I hope we win something from @DCAToday.  I will be following you.. until my phone dies.  {-sad face-}  I've searched for charging stations, but I don't have time to sit around and wait.  Booooo Hooooooooo.

Matching Christmas shirts, ears, flashing lightbulb necklaces, Snowy Cone Cups.. ahhh, so excited!   

Watch out big rides, here we come!  Tiny Baker is 40", and we are riding rides like our lives depend on it.

My idea for Disney is that they issue a card, sticker, pin, pass, something to show that once you meet the height requirement for a certain ride, you can just show your card and not have to get checked every time.  For example, if your kid is 40", then they'd get a 40" card.. 42", then 42", and so on.  So obviously, if you meet the 42 inch height requirement, then you can ride all rides 42" and below, without getting checked EVERY SINGLE TIME.  BECAUSE, we rode Star Tours without a problem, and then Tiny Baker was measured for another 40" ride and didn't make it.  Hmmm.  It was the same day.  She was wearing the same shoes.

We have Annual Passes, so maybe they could add something to her membership, and have scanners at the rides, so we could scan her pass and her picture would appear with her height clearance.  Even day tickets could have that added.  OR, they'd measure your kid and you could get a wristband.  It could be color coded.

We are looking forward to tomorrow!  Our entire family is going.  It's like a Christmas gift to ourselves.  The older I get, the more I understand the importance of time with loved ones, and treasure the relationships I have.  I am not going to win the race with the most friends, but the ones I have make me a winner.

I'll check in later.. follow me on Twitter and Instagram for pics throughout the day

Tomorrow is a Fantasy, Yesterday Reality, but Today is hope and dreams to PERSEVERE... 

{I think I like to write, maybe even love} {-smile-}

Have a great week everyone.  Cheer & Triumph. 

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-Becky Charms


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