Day 14 of 25 Days of Christmas with BeckyCharms 2012

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Day 14 of 25 Days of Christmas with BeckyCharms 2012

Day 14: Advent Calendar {a green hard candy and "package"!  Tiny Baker opened up a small bag of Tinkerbell markers}

Christmas Movie: Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas {on TV today!}

Whew, day 14 and not one present wrapped!  Shopping/making/baking not finished.  After staying up laaaaaaate to bake the night before last, I've been wiped out ever since.  Didn't you notice you hadn't seen any pics of me in the last 2 days?  I'm the one wearing the shades..inside!  {no pictures, please}

Joanns Crafts & Supplies {in San Diego} had Martha Stewart {and all Christmas stuff} baking kits on sale, 50% off, so we went back last night to stock up on more kits.  What I'm talking about are the kits that come with the paper bakeable "dishes", bags to wrap them up, ribbons to tie, and labels to mark.  They're awesome.  Pack of 6 for only $5.49!

The picture above is of Tiny Baker getting her paint on for this year's Christmas cards.. she said "this is so much fun, I love it!"  {-smile-}  I treasure every moment.. every single one, and give quick "thank yous" all day to God for the blessing that she is to me, and our family. 

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