{UPDATE} Shop Small Saturday: My Etsy Experience

I am so excited and full of joy, I wanted to share with you..

Below is my previous post regarding today and our opportunity as citizens of the United States and our obligation to our fellow citizens and Small Business Owners to Shop Small {Business}.. 

I want to update you on the experience I just had with Shop Small Saturday and Etsy..

All Etsy shops that accept credit cards {American Express} are eligible to participate in Shop Small Saturday.. sooooooo, those shops that I've been "favoriting" and loving {and coveting} for months and months, I actually had a chance to finally CHECK-OUT!  And that's just what I did.

Usually I love to pick the underdog and the shops that haven't had many, if any, sales, but today, I neither blinked an eye nor batted an eyelash.  I made a beeline for SparrowNestScript!!   


Today I picked an ornament off of The Giving Tree at church {there's a child's age and toy preference on the back, and the toys get donated locally}.. I picked one for a Journal and Pens.. and I'm so ecstatic to give away one of these amazing journals by Sparrow Nest Script {one that I've loved for so long, that I don't even own myself..} to another person who shares my passion for the written word on paper with pen and ink!

Thank you Shop Small Saturday and American Express for allowing me to shop.. it feels even better that I'm going to share with another person..

Spread the word!  Shop Small Saturday is officially the first Saturday after Thanksgiving!  Remember for next year and mark your calendars.. on your smart phones, on your computer, and on those little pocket calendars that your Aunt Jenny loves to gift you.. 

Share the charm..

"Support your favorite small business.

TODAY, November 24th is Small Business Saturday®, a day to celebrate and support
the local small businesses that boost the economy and invigorate neighborhoods
across the country.

BeckyCharms & Co. is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday, and we’re encouraging everyone to Shop Small® here on November 24th.

Plus, we’re having a special Small Business Saturday offer! Buy anything from my Etsy shop on November 24th and you’ll get a 2nd product FREE!!

Most importantly, get out there, Shop Small, and let’s make this November 24th
the biggest day of the year for small business.

To learn more, visit ShopSmall.com. 

Visit BeckyCharms on Etsy to receive this FREE offer!  Buy any product in my shop and receive an identical one for FREE!  Give to a friend, wrap for a present, or simply feel the luxury of having 2 all to yourself! 

 Buy One Get One FREE

Go, shop now!  Happy ShopSmall Saturday!! {only orders shipping within the United States of America are eligible for this BOGO offer.}  {Foreign countries.. stay tuned for exclusive deals!}

Share the charm.. 
-Becky Charms  "


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