Tiny Baker's First Public Random Act of Kindness

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Tiny Baker sharing kindness with Miss Reyna


Tiny Baker wanted some paper for coloring.  Then she came to me and said, "I need more supplies and an envelope." {she always knows exactly what she wants, and she's very specific!}  "OK", I said.  After a few minutes she came to me with her envelope and I asked her who if was for, and she said "It's not for you."  LoL.. okay.. "It's for someone I don't know..."

I finished getting ready to leave for the Market, and she asks me, "Can I bring it with me, mama?"  I told her she could bring it into the car but she insists "I want to take it to the Public Market!"  Ooookay.  "I want to give it to someone I don't know."  Ooookay.

So when we arrived at the Market, Tiny Baker grabbed her envelope, complete with a miniature pink clothespin and mini plastic pacifier {the kind for baby showers}..  and we headed in.

Oh, hello!  We were greeted by a super friendly woman, and before I knew it, Tiny Baker was handing over her envelope.  I heard the woman ask, "Is this for me?"  I quickly looked and asked Tiny Baker if this was the person to whom she wanted to give her envelope, and she confidently told me, "Yes."  No hesitation.  No embarrassment.  Just pure kindness and love, straight from her heart.  I mean, this is the kind of stuff I've been teaching and instilling in her since she was born, but when the moment came, the only hesitation was coming from me.  I'm glad I quickly shooed it away!  I've only ever wanted her to shine, and here she was, up to bat..  Home run.  She knocked this one out of the park.  You should have seen their smiles.. Miss Reyna with a giant smile, borderline tears: Tiny Baker thrilled that she was making a stranger Miss Reyna so happy. {that stranger face now has a name.}  That's how meeting new people works, which San Diego Public Market is great at facilitating.

My daughter has taught me so much, and I am so proud of her.  She and I could feel God's love, and see Jesus' kindness.  God's love was shining through her, and she we were beaming.

Tiny Baker loves people, loves kids, loves babies, loves animals.  I can tell that this is the first of many more random acts of love and kindness to come.

She's pretty charming..

That same day, Tiny Baker and I had some more free fun.. look here:

The lesson:
When your kids want to share the purity of heart and express love and kindness to others, let them {under safe, supervised conditions!}.  We can take our cue from them.  

Random acts of kindness come in all shapes, sizes, and packages!  The smallest gestures have the grandest impact.   

The truth is that kindness begins with a "hello"..  try it with someone you don't know.


 San Diego Public Market {Farmer's Market}
1735 National Avenue, San Diego, CA
Sun./Wed. 9am-2pm
{I hear Sunday is really booming
I've only been on Wednesday.}

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-Becky Charms


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