Roar Tiger Featured on Tiger Pens Blog UK Custom Sharpies

This is a big THANK YOU to the awesome folks at Tiger Pens and Tiger Pens Blog UK for choosing my Custom Sharpie Packs {available on Etsy} to share with their readers.  They think they're pretty cool.. and what do you know, me too. {wink}

The Watermelon Sharpie Pack featured on Tiger Pens Blog UK
 Grab your very own pack here, on Etsy.

I am really glad they {TonyB} reached out from across the lands and sent me an email.. because I had never discovered them on this giant web of coolness.. and now I know about Tiger Pens, and Tiger Pens knows about me!  Totes..!

One of my favorite words I've seen on their blog.. "Penthusiasm".  I love it!  Well, I started following their blog, Liked their FB, and hear their Tweets.  I'm hoping to meet a gazillion people who share this penthusiasm with me..

Tiger Pens.. ROAR!

Cheerio!  and Happy {US} Thanksgiving.. 

Let's go write..right now, write!

Share the charm..
-Becky Charms


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