Food Treats at IKEA

A fun family trip to Lowe's left us hungry and with a hankering for food from IKEA: it proved to be an exciting tasting opportunity for the buffalo chicken wrap, the chocolate cake, and dessert sampler {a sort of hazelnut chocolate bonbon with similarities to an Idaho Spud candy bar}, and the other green sweet contained essences of fruit cake and Christmastime.

The buffalo chicken wrap was fresh with shredded lettuce and a zesty aftertaste. YUMM! We've all had the meatballs, so it was splendid to switch things up.

I had fears about the chocolate cake tasting too sweet, or especially dry, but to my surprise, it was super yummy. The chocolate filling was mousse, delightfully creamy, and kept me coming back for more. Five people shared a slice, but we should have ordered our own! I couldn't keep my fork out if it!

Join IKEA's club {FREE} and get free coffee anytime.

Next time: •me. •free coffee. •chocolate mousse cake.

Share the charm.. And join me for a slice..



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