Black Bean Brownie Double Batch Tip

Good afternoon, everybody!  I just arrived home after a long morning of waking up early to take Bubbe {my mom, my daughter's Bubbe} to a back appointment, and a short stop by IKEA to sign up for a Tax Exempt Card..

Last night I wanted to make some brownies, and since I have a case of canned black beans from Costco, and just got some more chocolate chips, I decided I'd make them healthy and make THE Black Bean Brownies.  Except this time I was going to make a double batch.  You know, to save time.  They are so easy and are done in time to enjoy some before bed.

Here's the tip.

Don't double. 

Make a Single Batch!  :)

The first time I made these, the beans and skins were pureed to perfection.  Doubling the ingredients caused the food processor not to blend the beans as well.  When I bit into one of the brownies from the double batch, I caught a bean skin, and was turned off.  Bleh.  Don't you think I try to fool myself into thinking they're full fat and fudgy brownies without any healthy beans?  {insert 'haha' here}

This black bean brownie recipe is SO DELICIOUS.. fudgy, chocolatey, a single batch!  But the measurements are not ideal for doubling up.  So do yourself, your family, and your friends a BIG HUGE favor, and serve them single batches, individually prepared with love.  Their taste buds will thank you for it, and they'll still consider you an amazingly talented baker.

In case you haven't made these, which I do still highly recommend and will prepare in the future.. here's a mouth-watering picture to entice and encourage, with a link to the original post and the full recipe.


Chocolate Fudgey Black Bean Brownies What the Fudge?

For the full recipe for Black Bean Brownies, visit BeckyCharms The Recipes.

Chocolate Fudgey Black Bean Brownies What the Fudge?

Share the charm..

-Becky Charms


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