This Tiny Hand is full of Hope and Love, *Blink*

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 *Blink* and the next thing you know, your baby is already a little kid.  Every moment of every day, I remind myself of all the memories that my daughter and I have had, the ones to come, and keep everything in perspective.  Even when our children are old enough to reason, they still make mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes.  Just because they can answer us or play independently, doesn't mean they don't need us.  They look up to us to be calm and continue to teach them; neither criticize nor insult.  Their hearts are tender, their minds are fresh.  When your sweet baby becomes a toddler, don't yell.  They learn from us.  They adopt our coping mechanisms.  They learn our temper.  Fill their hearts and memories with love.  Always be proud of your baby.. toddler.. little kid.. young child.. tween.. teen.. young adult.. adult.. They will always be our babies!!

-Becky Charms

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