Sunset at Manhattan Beach, CA photo submit for Instacanvas Contest

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This picture/photograph is my submission for a Contest on to be featured..  Won't you please help me out?.. if you like/love it please vote for it.

Sunset at Manhattan Beach, CA .. it was gorgeous, and now you can relive it every time you look at it.

Your click and VOTE matter.. especially to me!

Here's how you vote:

1. Visit Gallery
2. Click on the Green "VOTE" button, located in the top right hand corner of this lovely photo!
3. Smile and Congratulate yourself for doing such a kind deed to me, Becky!

I appreciate all who take/took the time to read this post, and especially those who click on the link to check out this photo of Manhattan Beach, CA at Sunset..

Share the charm..

-Becky Charms

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