Jumbo Soft & Chewy Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

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After having received a beautiful Fall Floral Bouquet from Mr. Google {see the Floral Bouquet}, I wanted to do something extra special for him this morning.  {I didn't feel obligated.. anyone who knows me would know that!  I just wanted to reciprocate the kind gesture.}  I looked at the clock and I only had 1 hour from start to finish for whatever I was going to do, so I did what I do best; I preheated the oven to 350 deg. {F}

sugar, cookies, desserts, treats, fall, autumn, potluck, beckycharms, san diego

Not long ago I found a recipe on Martha Stewart for soft and chewy {Giant} Sugar Cookies.  Her recipe only bakes 10.. I use a medium scoop, so for me, this recipe makes many more. {I don't have the exact count right now.  ..I was in a hurry this morning so I didn't have time to pay attention..Somewhere around 20, maybe.  I just kept scooping, and baking, and cooling, repeat.

If there is a trick to these cookies it would be: DO NOT OVERBAKE.  I suppose that might be obvious when the name of the recipe is Soft & Chewy.. That always indicates either: a.) underbake or b.) add an ingredient that will make them soft & chewy. {e.g. cornstarch, sour cream,..}

This recipe contains sour cream.. I used light.  I doubled the recipe to have enough cookies to share.

I mixed, baked, cooled, and packed these cookies all in an hour! {18 cookies, 9 per sheet}.. and then I continued to bake the remaining dough in batches after Mr. Google left for work.  .. and the vanilla bean said, "eat my flecks". 

Here's the recipe for Jumbo Soft & Chewy Sugar Cookies {jumbo instead of giant when you use a medium scoop}... and bake for about 15-16min.. rotate 1/2 way and watch them!

Tip:  Use King Arthur AP Flour & Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste..{those are my personal requirements}

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I have one open, and one bench warming..

These sweet treats are yummy and delicious... add some orange food coloring and make them look like pumpkins!  Happy Harvest/Fall/Autumn/Halloween!!

Then Tiny Baker ate a cookie and transformed..wow, magical cookies filled with pixie dust! ::

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{You should know that it's a challenge to photograph little kids.. so I have to snap a photo whenever she's willing!.. no matter the location, or what kind of personal junk I have sitting behind her on the floor that's waiting to go to Goodwill.. <<eye roll>> #pardonthemess }

Check out this recipe and many more ideas at <<click on photo below>>:

-Becky Charms

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