California and Governor Jerry Brown Support Home Bakers

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Everybody eats.  Everybody finds food.  Many people even cook and bake.  Thank you to all supporters of the California Cottage Food Law AB1616.  Today, all of our hard work and PERSISTENCE made a HUGE difference.  Today, Gov. Jerry Brown signed this Bill, AB1616, allowing the production and sales of approved homemade good.  Love Mary's cookies, and have been telling her to sell them for years?  What about Auntie Gail's pickles and jams?  Think she has a real special recipe, uniquely her own?  It sure would be amazing if she could make a little extra income by selling them from home.. well, today, this dream becomes a reality!  Today, California wins!

Again, thank you to Christina Oatfield, the SELC and SELC on FB, and Enact A Cottage Food Law 2011-2012 {It worked!} devoted to this cause.

I'm hardly ever political.. but today, I started following @JerryBrownGov on Twitter.. today, he's my hero.  

jerry brown, governor, california, cottage food law, beckycharms, san diego, homebaked, baking

-Becky Charms

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